Yu Suzuki Avoids Shenmue 4, 110 Industries Rumors

Not many people had heard of 110 Industries when the publisher took the stage at the Tokyo Game Show last year, though the man they chose to start their 40-minute presentation needed no introduction. Legendary game developer Yu Suzuki’s involvement in the company’s showcase sparked muted speculation that his YS NET studio and 110 may be working together, and these rumors only grew louder in April when the publisher began communicating with Shenmue-related posts on social media.

After teasing a big announcement that never actually happened, the publisher eventually stopped interacting with tweets mentioning Shenmue and started promoting its debut title, Wanted: Dead, a Ninja Gaiden-inspired hack and slash game that later became this. year is released. However, that changed late last night with a now-deleted tweet in which the publisher responded with “Finally” after a fan asked if he wanted to get Shenmue 4. – standing rumors too.

In an interview with Game Rant, the influential Japanese developer first tried to downplay the idea of ​​a collaboration between the two companies and dismissed the conversation as mere rumours. However, when asked about 110’s “Finally” tweet, which went out just hours before the interview began, he seemed genuinely surprised and revealed that he hadn’t spoken to 110 about the tweet. Pushing further, he agreed that it wasn’t normal for a publisher to comment on games he wasn’t involved in, before offering a sort of “No Comment”.

To add fuel to the fire, the tweet in question was deleted within just a few hours of the interview ending, but not before a snapshot of it was captured using the Wayback Machine. 110 Industries, whose CEO is currently visiting Japan from Switzerland, has been approached for comment on the tweet, although the publisher has not responded at the time of writing.

The 110 Industries rumors were just one of many topics discussed during Game Rant’s interview, with Mr. Suzuki also sharing some of the lessons he learned from developing Shenmue 3 and providing a few ideas on how a Shenmue’s fourth game might look like if he ever gets the chance to make one. However, the main topic of conversation was YS NET’s highly addictive new game Air Twister, a Space Harrier-esque rail shooter that has already been downloaded by more than 30,000 people in its first five days on Apple Arcade.

For those who want to know more, Game Rant’s interview with Yu Suzuki will be published on the site in the coming days.

Source: Twitter (via Wayback Machine)

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