YouTuber Speedruns Cuphead While Climbing a Mountain

Some video games can be challenging enough, but then the speedrunning community comes to show that it is possible to make life even harder. With Summer Games Done Quick recently raising over $3 million, there’s clearly room in the fan base for people who are not only highly adept at playing games fast, but can also do it for charities. Traditionally, speedruns are performed in front of a PC, with the player sitting at a desk. However, a cup runner decided to raise the ante.

YouTuber EazySpeezy, who describes himself as the “casual side of speedrunning,” recently set himself a challenge by taking on Studio MDHR’s notoriously difficult run-and-gun game while attempting to climb a mountain. Using a laptop stored in an open backpack carried by someone else, the runner was able to play through Cuphead as he climbed about 2,790 feet to the top of the largest mountain in Vermont, Mount Mansfield. Of course, as many expected, this was no easy feat, especially for a game as difficult as this one.

The last recorded time of the entire run was 08:02:02. Yes, that’s over eight hours of play, but that does include regular rests, the climb back down, the car journey back, and even the final moments of the playthrough, which took place in the hotel room after EazySpeezy’s laptop battery ran out and they were able to not charging it for an hour. Cuphead on its own is nearly impossible, up there with Bloodborne and Battletoads, so it’s an impressive feat to speed it up while also taking a long walk, no matter how long it took to complete.

As for the game itself, Cuphead recently launched its The Delicious Last Course DLC, which was well received by fans. With new characters, environments, and bosses, players can expect this additional content to last around six hours. Of course, this will probably depend on how proficient people are with the game in general. Those well-versed in the vanilla experience could potentially complete it sooner, but that doesn’t mean it won’t offer the same challenging gameplay elements.

In addition, there is also Netflix’s The Cuphead Show, which was released earlier this year. It’s clear that this “boss rush” game from 2017 has had quite the impact on the gaming world. The cute rubber snake style of animation belies the tough challenge facing players. Watching someone speedrun is pretty incredible to watch, but EazySpeezy doing this while climbing a mountain is equally remarkable.

Cuphead: the delicious last course is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: The Gamer

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