You’ll never guess what you can do at a funeral in Don’t Ruin A Funeral

In celebration of the life of a dearly departed loved one, have you never wanted to just go to the well-meaning man of the canvas presiding over it and cover him in the kisser, sending him raging to a nearby mausoleum?

Me neither, that’s extremely antisocial behavior, but video games allow us to travel through the forbidden ideas of the collective unconscious, to indulge in our most sinister and forbidden fantasies. In Don’t Ruin a Funeral by JackMcPhersonGames (opens in new tab)buddy, you’re going to ruin a funeral or two.

This indie game is available for free from and you can even play it in your browser. You spawn at the titular funeral of an unnamed fellow traveler on the road of life, and you roll a die to determine which of six forbidden actions you will take to disrupt today’s service: punch, shoot, flip, kiss , dance or bite. Once you ruin the funeral, the game will quickly revert to its default state and the fun will start all over again.

The star of the show is definitely the unnamed protagonist’s Golden Gloves-ready Haymaker. The inconspicuous rapscallion can ragdoll an entire group of mourners, adding injury to insult with a debilitating aoe crowd-control effect. The flip move is fun too, and the audience was strangely shocked by smoochin’, in a way that nothing else made them do. It turns out that love is the most surefire way to ruin a funeral.

As a Unity game where you do really stupid, poisonable things for the shiggles, you could call Don’t Ruin a Funeral a “physics game” or some other such nonsense. I’m not so sure. With its isometric perspective, cross-border moral choice system, and reliance on dice, I’d argue it’s a hardcore CRPG, standing next to genre luminaries like Divinity: Original Sin or Pillars of Eternity.

Ok, maybe not, but Don’t Ruin a Funeral is definitely a fun little project, well worth checking out.

The game’s page has a quote with a false IGN attribution:

“‘Don’t ruin a funeral is a beautiful game in pristine 26k, with groundbreaking graphics and mechanics. A miracle of its time’ – IGN, probably? I don’t know.”

Allow me to dispel any ambiguity: Don’t Ruin a Funeral is a magnificent game in pristine 26k, with groundbreaking graphics and mechanics. A miracle of its time. – PC gamer, sure.

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