Vampire Survivors adds a bunch of OP cheat codes for the lulz

The wondrous OTT bullet-hell extravaganza that is Vampire Survivors has received another free update and, as has been the case since the early access release, solo developer Poncle continues to over-deliver. I spoke to him in March about the game’s unexpected (but well-deserved) success, and one of the most refreshing things was his attitude to game balance:

“I don’t care much about game balance. It’s a one-player game,” says Luca ‘Poncle’ Galante (opens in new tab). “I’m more than happy that people just go for what they have fun with.”

This new patch certainly builds on that. Since launch, Vampire Survivors has had one or two bonus codes, a nice tribute from a developer who clearly loves Konami, but this new update adds an absolute ton of cheat codes to the game. You enter them in the main menu and they are things like ‘icanheartthecriesofcaptainplanet’. There’s something nostalgic about all this: it’s really nice that some cheat codes echo common complaints or complaints about the game.

Needless to say, the full list is easy enough to find, and essentially any player can create a screen-destroying god from scratch, or go to the big moments and bosses, or type ‘spinnn’ for whatever reason to the main menu rotates a bit. It’s wonderful to see Poncle’s philosophy of ‘it’s a single player game, so it’s’ find such an unexpected and funny expression, and one that will simply result in more fun for players.

In a very trendy way, the full patch notes (opens in new tab) come up with some Vampire Survivors cats, and here’s the rundown:

New content

  • 2 new characters
  • 1 new relic
  • 2 new achievements
  • 1 new Arcana


  • Added a new music track in The Bone Zone
  • Arcana “I – Gemini” also affects Gatti Amari and his evolution and Nduja Fritta.
    Unfortunately this also fixes the never ending Nduja glitch in the Dairy Plant 🙁
  • Arcana “V – Chaos in the Dark Night” changed to: “Overall projectile speed changes continuously between -50% and +50% for 10 seconds. The character starts to gain +1% projectile speed every level.”
  • Arcana “XVII – Lost & Found Painting” has changed to: “Overall duration changes continuously between -50% and +50% for 10 seconds. The character starts to gain +1% duration every level.”
  • Arcana “XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions” changed to: “The total area changes continuously between -25% and +25% for 10 seconds. The character starts getting +1% area every level.”

Work in progress

  • On-screen keyboard for touchscreen and gamepad users.
  • More spells.

Vampire Survivors has been one of the funniest surprises of the year and it’s a game I still spend an hour or two on every now and then. It’s just a lot of fun (opens in new tab)disposable as it may be, and one of its attractions is the carefree attitude the game has to make you as overwhelmed as possible: something that Poncle keeps hammering away at during the impressive post-launch updates. This game costs three dollars (opens in new tab)and remains worth every penny and more.

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