Twitter Reveals 2022’s Most Tweeted About Games So Far

There are some anticipated titles and big surprises at the top of Twitter’s list of the most tweeted about games of the first half of 2022.

Thanks to social media platforms like Twitter, fans can now not only play their favorite video game. They can also discuss anything and everything they want about a title online with millions of other players. Twitter, in particular, can be a hotbed of game leaks, rumors, controversial opinions and more, with some games generating huge amounts of conversation. Now Twitter is revealing which games have been most talked about in the first half of 2022.

Usually, Twitter reveals statistics about which games get tweeted the most every now and then, with the most recent data showing Genshin Impact and Wordle topped the list for the first quarter of 2022. Now that June has ended, Twitter is now revealing the most tweeted about games for the first half of this year, and it seems that for the top spots, things haven’t changed much compared to the previous data. Again, the hugely popular Genshin Impact tops the list.

Wordle again comes in second, followed by Ensemble Stars, a popular mobile title with an anime spin-off series. Things are starting to differ from the previous list as Final Fantasy takes fourth place, held by Apex Legends at the end of Q1 2022. Given the amount of recent news about Final Fantasy 16 and the announcement of the second part of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, it’s no surprise that gamers are tweeting about Final Fantasy in droves.

Battle royale Apex Legends then drops to sixth place, just below Project Sekai but still atop Elden Ring, which remains in seventh place. It may seem surprising that a game as successful as Elden Ring didn’t rank higher in the list of most tweeted about games. However, it’s possible that the conversation about FromSoftware’s latest RPG has moved to other social media platforms. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the addition of The Legend of Zelda at number ten. Zelda’s appearance in this list is expected to be related to the March announcement that Breath of the Wild 2 will be delayed until 2023.

Between the first quarter of 2022 and the end of the first half, Minecraft has completely disappeared from the list of the top ten most tweeted about games. This may also seem surprising given the recent release of The Wild update for Minecraft. Following on from the data on games, Twitter also revealed which countries are tweeting the most about video games. Japan was number 1 in that category, with the US in second place.

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