TikTok Star Allegedly Finds Camera Hidden in Air BnB Showerhead

Tiktok star Nathan Triska makes a horrifying discovery when he allegedly finds a camera hidden in the showerhead of his Airbnb.

When going on vacation, or even traveling in general, finding a safe and comfortable place to sleep is a priority. TikTok star Nathan Triska made a horrifying discovery when he found a hidden camera nestled in the showerhead of his Airbnb. The TikTok star shared his experience with the owner and the alleged discovery of the camera.

Airbnbs are a popular alternative to hotels where people can rent out their apartments, apartments or houses to travelers. The idea is that guests will have a similar experience to staying in a normal bed and breakfast, but have the entire property to themselves during their stay. Nathan Triska is a TikTok star and actor who gained popularity for his broadcasts on YouNow and for starring in the 2017 Chicken Girls show. Now he is showing small snippets of his life on TikTok to his 10 million followers.

While staying at an Airbnb and trying to take a shower, TikTok star Nathan Triska claims to have found a hidden camera in the showerhead. As documented in his TikTok video, a stressed-out Triska says, “I’m at an Airbnb and I jumped out of the shower so quickly because look. Look at this.” then he shows the shower head where a small blue light blinks once. He also posted a second part of his video explaining a little more about what happened next. Triska reportedly tried to contact the owner of the property to which he received no response, after which he received a threatening text message from an unknown number saying that he would be “sorry to post that on TikTok”. Triska then discovered that one of his car’s tires had been cut, causing the rim to crack. He also gives a warning to his fans at the end, saying, “Moral of the story: be very careful where you stay and who you stay with.”

A shower is an extremely private place and this Airbnb owner would take advantage of that privacy. If the accusation is true, it’s hard to imagine how long this owner got away with hiding a camera in that showerhead before Triska came along and found it. Some TikTok stars are known for their crazy parties, so having cameras in the home can be understandable, but watching guests in the shower is going too far.

This is a horrific chain of events that could have led to something deadly if Triska hadn’t noticed that his tire had been cut and the rim cracked. Airbnbs are generally considered safe, but the reality is that guests stay in the home of a random person they don’t know, so there is sometimes a risk that isn’t quite as present when staying in hotels. It’s crazy to think that internet celebrities like Twitch streamer CodeMiko are sometimes not even safe in their own homes.

Source: Dexerto

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