This Might Be the Most Powerful Handheld PC

While the market segment certainly existed for a long time before the steam deck has made its way to the market, the niche has now grown to an unprecedented level. New competitors for Valve’s portable gaming PC are arriving at a rapid pace, and while the Deck remains one of the most powerful devices in its category, a more powerful competitor may have just been announced.

In particular, the upcoming AOKZOE A1 seems on track to beat the performance of the Steam Deck, as it should be the first-ever portable gaming PC equipped with the powerful AMD 6800U APU. Much has already been revealed about the device at this point and it looks like AOKZOE is looking to make a name for itself on the first try.

Boasting an impressive 8-inch 1920×1200 display with a pixel density of 283 PPI, the manufacturer claims that AOKZOE A1 can run Forza Horizon 5 at over 100 FPS thanks to the Radeon 680M graphics chip. If correct, these claims would place AOKZOE A1 squarely above the hardware specs of the Steam Deck, whose screen also displays the image at a significantly lower resolution. It’s worth pointing out, though, that it hasn’t been specified yet whether A1’s screen can display the game at anything above 60Hz.

AOKZOE has yet to announce the A1’s price range, though it’s worth pointing out that the device will come in at least two different SKUs. The A1 Ultimate has a 65Wh battery compared to the baseline’s 48Wh, and it will be heavier. Some versions of the A1 also have 16GB of RAM, while others come with 32GB, and it’s not yet clear whether the distinction refers to specification differences between A1 and A1 Ultimate, or whether buyers can choose how much RAM they want and perhaps upgrade even later, as users can already customize the Steam Deck.

AOKZOE A1 will include all the usual features that portable PC gamers have come to appreciate. Gyro aiming and linear triggers are a prime example, although the manufacturer also notes fast charging, which should justify minimal downtime between play sessions. While the Steam Deck now supports Windows well, AOKZOE made it clear that A1 would provide full support for Windows and SteamOS on day one.

While it’s clear that AOKZOE A1 will be a remarkably powerful device, there’s a good chance that Valve is already looking at an upgraded version of the Steam Deck to some degree. Chances are, the next Steam Deck could have RDNA 3 graphics, giving it an edge over all of its competitors, including the upcoming A1. That won’t happen anytime soon, though, giving other handheld manufacturers the ability to move devices in the meantime.

AOKZOE A1 coming in July 2022.

Source: AOKZOE

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