The Last of Us Bug Shows Henry Being Captured by Stranger Things’ Vecna

A silly depiction from The Last of Us shows Henry’s character model spiraling out of control, something that prompts fans to refer to Stranger Things’ villain Vecna.

The last of us is about as serious as a video game franchise can be, with the original game having quite a few dark moments. One such scene comes after players spend time with Henry and Sam, although a goofy The Last of Us bug with serious Stranger Things vibes ruined the mood of Henry and Sam’s section.

While Sam makes friends with Ellie, Joel works with an AI-powered version of Henry to work through certain areas and take out groups of enemies. Normally, this AI ally behaves correctly even when they leave the most damage to Joel and the player. For whatever reason, the version of Henry in Reddit user Kiwi_Chickadee’s game was bugged, resulting in an absurd image shared on The Last of Us subreddit.

The image in question shows Henry in a T pose, the default pose for most character models in video games, as it allows artists to add details and helps programmers create animations. While it would be odd enough to see Henry randomly make a T pose, the fact that he’s soaring into the air is particularly odd. Sam looking up at his floating older brother only adds to the humor of the photo, with Ellie seemingly choosing to look away. However, the pose and soaring immediately reminded Redditors like CaliberM1A of Stranger Things’s Vecna.

Vecna, the main antagonist in Season 4 of Stranger Things, is a terrifying villain who kills his victims in a very specific way that just happens to resemble Henry’s position. In the Netflix series, Vecna ​​lifts people up into the air, removes their eyes and breaks their limbs one by one. While nothing more horrific would have happened in Kiwi-Chickadee’s game, it’s no surprise that fans immediately thought of Stranger Things when they saw this bug.

In the comment section, other fans of The Last of Us and Stranger Things were quick to continue the joke, with zachgray1091 mentioning Kate Bush and TacoSwimmer saying Joel needs to play Henry’s favorite song before it’s too late. Both are a nod to Max’s encounter with Vecna, a standout scene from Season 4 and a moment that has resulted in many memes. While the tones of The Last of Us and Stranger Things are very different, as are the monsters of The Upside Down and the Clickers from the Naughty Dog franchise, this unexpected crossover is a lot of fun.

As funny as the Vecna ​​comparison is, hopefully Henry’s character model will stay grounded in The Last of Us Part 1. If he excels in the remake in this way, the immersion could be ruined for many new players.

The last of us part 1 will be released on September 2 for PS5. A PC version is in development.

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