The Last of Us 2 Player Points Out Easily Missable Joel Reference

A fan of The Last of Us 2 sees a nod to Joel that most players will miss unless looking for it, and the detail is worthy of appreciation.

The last of us 2 is critically acclaimed for many reasons, with Naughty Dog’s storytelling and attention to detail both being consistent points of praise. Recently, a fan of The Last of Us 2 highlighted a detail that seems to combine both strengths.

The story of The Last of Us 2, like the first game, is built entirely around the relationship between Joel and Ellie. Rather than telling a story that ultimately centers on love, the sequel focuses primarily on the concepts of violence and revenge. This is reflected in the tone of the game’s scenes, with both Ellie and the player being constantly reminded of the tragic events that take place at the start of The Last of Us 2. It turns out that one of these memories is extremely subtle.

Early on in Ellie’s story, players will have to find a gate code, with gamers eventually encountering a member of the WLF who tortured Tommy for information. This dead member of Abby’s faction eventually gave up the information and wrote the code on the floor in their own blood. The numbers can be seen in the image above, where the lower part of the code is 7302. The decision to frame these numbers upside down caused Reddit user xX_melog_Xx to see the name Joel.

While this could just be a case of pareidolia where the player sees exactly what he’s hoping for, most commentators think this was done intentionally. After all, The Last of Us 2 is full of subtle details and carefully hidden secrets that players have picked up months and years after its release. Furthermore, Naughty Dog could have shown the numbers up, but the developer chose to frame the scene this way. Given how logical it makes sense for Ellie to see memories of Joel everywhere she looks, it seems fitting to see his name in blood.

While not providing a source, Reddit user Phoenix2211 says a developer has already taken to Twitter to confirm that players should see Joel’s name during this scene. They also point out that this tactic was used by Naughty Dog in the past, when an Easter egg in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End saw a license plate named Elena Fisher. With Naughty Dog already using this trick in the Uncharted series, it seems even more likely that this is a good reference to Ellie’s father figure.

With many posts focusing on cool gameplay moments or funny The Last of Us 2 glitches, it’s a nice change to see discussions about the many details of the game. The next time gamers replay The Last of Us 2, they may want to take a closer look at the reverse port code.

The last of us 2 is now available on PS4.

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