Star Citizen Is Free to Play for a Limited Time

Star Citizen is hosting a Free Fly event to coincide with the annual Foundation Festival that lasts one month and aims to strengthen the game’s community.

Star CitizenThe annual Foundation Festival has started and it comes with a Free Fly event that allows players to pilot one of six ships for a limited time. Star Citizen’s Free Fly events are a great opportunity for potential citizens to give the game a shot before deciding whether to buy their own ship.

Star Citizen is an extremely ambitious immersive space sim under development by Roberts Space Industries that has been in the works since 2011. The game has a reputation for being one of the most crowdfunded games in history, with Star Citizen receiving over $400 million in funding over the years. Instead of purchasing the game, players purchase individual ships with prices ranging from $40 to packs that run into the tens of thousands of dollars. The game has a close-knit community of players eager to welcome new pilots, which is what the Foundation Festival is all about.

As part of the annual Foundation Festival, Star Citizen is free to play until July 15. Free Fly players can choose from six ships, allowing them to experience a variety of gameplay opportunities available in the ‘verse. Some of the free ships include the $40 Dragonfly Black, $55 Avenger Titan, $75 Arrow, $40 Aurora MR, and the $65 100I. This selection gives players the chance to try out ships from different price ranges, which will be helpful when deciding whether a $75 buy-in is worth the investment over the cheaper $40 ships.

Veteran players can take on the role of Guides that Recruit players can take under their wing by participating in cooperative sessions of at least 30 minutes at a time. Both guides and recruits receive unique cosmetic rewards for working together, giving veterans and new players an incentive to participate in the community. A referral program will also take place during the Foundation Festival that will reward referrers and referees with their own hoverbike in Star Citizen. Players have until July 18 to purchase a starter pack with a referral code if they want to receive the bonus hoverbike.

While still in the Alpha phase, frequent major updates to Star Citizen add new content and refine the gameplay. Star Citizen is a notoriously difficult game to master, which is why these community mentorship events are so important. Without a leading hand, many players will give up before overcoming the game’s steep learning curve.

Star Citizen is available on PC.

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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