Skyrim Mod Adds a Hot Dog Stand to Solitude

The concept of food and drink is not typically something that most players of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim or an open-world RPG. It brings some realism to the world, of course, but unless fans play in the Survival mode that came with the anniversary edition of Skyrim, food and drink is primarily for role-playing. That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a lot of options available to the hungry traveler, though, and a new mod adds a little touch of modernity.

As noted by PCGamesN, modders hrodeberht1 and bella have taken the concept of a classic hot dog stand and placed it in Skyrim. Dubbed “Sausages of Solitude”, the mod adds a cart of classic American food to the city’s market. There are five different types of hot dogs available, according to the description on Nexus Mods, and the cart even has some sandwiches, as well as a bottle of ketchup and mustard. Players can eat to their heart’s content at the stall between 8am and 10pm.

A bit of modernity in a world like Tamriel may seem out of place, but it could bring just that little bit of comfort to the more contemporary Dragonborn protagonist. This isn’t even the first time hrodeberht1 and bella have done something like this. A while ago they also made a mod for Skyrim that adds a burger restaurant called “Big Jarl”, which is located near Broken Fang Cave between Whiterun and Rorikstead, handy for the hero on the road. This one also comes with its own ‘dumb mascot’.

There are a number of interesting mods for Skyrim, many of which can change the way the game is played. Many add-ons have graphical upgrades that push people’s engines and systems to their limits. Some fix the many bugs that have plagued Bethesda’s epic since it was released more than a decade ago. And still others, like Sausages of Solitude, add that extra something, especially for those who play the game in survival mode.

With The Elder Scrolls 6 reportedly still in pre-development, it may be a while before fans see a new installment in the long-running series. For now, the modding community will continue to improve the vanilla experience, either through visual add-ons, new quests, or simply adding a place where the Dragonborn can get a hot dog.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Sources: PCGamesN, Nexus Mods

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