Pokemon Unite Leaks 2 More Pokemon for the Roster

The latest Pokemon Unite leaks reveal two of the next Pokemon slated to join the game’s roster, featuring an Ultra Beast and a new Eeveelution.

Pokemon UniteThe ever-growing roster features many fan favorites from the franchise’s storied history. TiMi Studios’ MOBA has introduced several starter Pokemon with Delphox being the most recent, as well as multiple Eeveelutions and even a handful of Legendaries. As the game adds new Pokemon to the roster every month, fans always get new characters to choose from with unique movesets. Now, a recent leak has revealed that the following two creatures are joining the game.

The Pokemon Unite community is no stranger to leaks, with future content coming to the game regularly discovered early. Last month saw datamines from both Delphox and Espeon coming to the game as new Pokemon, with both the whole month after. Further leaks revealed that new NPC Pokemon were added as part of an event that will allow players to capture and control wild Pokemon. Now, a datamine from a trusted leaker reveals that Buzzwole and Glaceon are the latest additions to the Pokemon Unite lineup.

The latest leak from renowned Unite data miner ElChicoEevee reveals that Glaceon and Buzzwole will join Pokemon Unite, detailing the two Pokemon’s movesets. Buzzwole will focus on close range melee attacks with moves like Lunge and Mega Punch, allowing it to close the gap with enemies. With attacks such as Superpower and Smack Down, Buzzwole can deal heavy damage once within range of an enemy. The leak also references a “muscle gauge,” meaning Buzzwole will have an alternate resource that can be used to increase damage.

Glaceon will also have a charge mechanic with “ice crystals” with attacks like Icicle Spear and Icy Wind, allowing Glaceon to launch those crystals for extra damage. Moves like Ice Shard and Tail Whip will increase Glaceon’s own stats or hinder an enemy’s, while Freeze-Dry gives Glaceon access to the powerful “Frozen” status effect. While Buzzwole’s attacks seem to give the Pokemon significant damage to a single target, Glaceon’s moves seem to focus more on heavy area damage.

The addition of Buzzwole and Glaceon will grow Pokemon Unite’s roster to 38 Pokemon, just under a year after the game’s July 2021 debut. Buzzwole marks the first member of Pokemon’s mythical Ultra Beasts to join the MOBA closing, while Glaceon will serve as the third Eeveelution to be added to the game after Espeon and Sylveon. With Pokemon Unite recently passing 70 million downloads and the roster continuing to grow each month, Pokemon Unite seems to be maintaining its strong performance as the game’s anniversary approaches.

Pokemon Unite is now available for Switch and mobile devices.

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