Pokemon Poliwrath Fan Art Turned Into Impressive Tattoo

The pokemon franchise is one of the most successful of all time, thanks to its many movies, anime, manga, video games and much more. It has inspired the lives of several generations of people since it came on the market in the late 1990s. The latest video game, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, ranks among the best Pokemon games of all time according to fans and critics alike.

The next installment, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is scheduled for later this year and will bring a host of new Pokemon. Gamers eagerly await the upcoming title and engage in various activities such as creating fan art and sculptures of their favorite pocket monsters. For example, one fan even made glossy versions of Lechonk, Smoliv, and Pawmi to show appreciation for the upcoming game.

Sometimes people take inspiration from other artists and their work to create something unique and new. This is exactly what happened to Reddit user Petah55, who came across one of their pencil drawings of a pocket monster turned into a fantastic tattoo by a fellow community member. The Redditor had done a pencil drawing of Poliwrath a while back and was surprised that it inspired a tattoo artist. The user shared an image on Reddit showing his Poliwrath drawing and subsequent tattoo on a person’s arm, both of which appear nearly identical.

In addition, Petah55 was delighted with the positive response the post received in the form of numerous comments and over 7,000 upvotes with a 98 percent upvote ratio. The user seems to be a bit of an expert in creating such Pokemon drawings as they have created over 150 of them including Raichu, Kingler, Nidoking, Dragonair and many others who also share their link to the rest of the art , along with the tattoo artist’s Instagram profile. Tattoos have always been a means of showing their affection for the Pokemon franchise, even for celebrities like Ariana Grande, who has an Eevee tattoo.

For many fans, Poliwrath is an underrated pocket monster as most people don’t know much about it. Poliwrath is a dual water/fighting type Pokemon with a blue bipedal body and muscular arms. It is one of the last forms of Poliwag, first evolving into Poliwhirl before finally turning into Poliwrath after being exposed to the water stone.

Poliwrath is one of the few known double water/fighting pocket monsters, along with others like Urshifu and Keldeo. However, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will introduce several new Pokemon, including Quaxly, which could be the newest water and fighting type Pokemon.

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