Pokemon Leaker Confirms Scarlet and Violet Will Have DLC

A known leaker confirms that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will apparently have a DLC or some form of expansion pack after launch.

Pokemon Scarlet and purple will release in November, three years after the introduction of Gen 8 via Pokemon Sword and Shield, which remained the main competitive hub for the series in the meantime. Although Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were announced in February, very little is officially known about the games due to the lack of new trailers, as only one has been released since the Gen 9 unveiling. As such, a well-known Pokemon leaker named Riddler Khu a great source of information on what Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will contain.

Khu has a proven track record that goes way back, and they shared all sorts of correct information about Pokemon Legends: Arceus ahead of its January launch. Among other things, Khu teased Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s new systems and gimmicks with a series of tweets discussing elements from the first and second official trailers, as well as new unannounced things to come. Now Khu shared their preferences for the main Pokemon games on Twitter, leaving Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and its DLC in third place.

While there were no rumors or anything official about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet getting additional content in the form of DLC or expansion passes, the consensus was that it was likely due to the way Pokemon Sword and Shield’s post-release content was being played. treated. Still, Khu has confirmed that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will indeed be getting some form of DLC, even though nothing has been shared about what this entails. There’s a huge chance that Gen 9 will take a similar approach to Gen 8 Pokemon games, in that a DLC pack could expand the Pokedex and allow players to explore new areas.

It’s not implausible to think that Gen 9 will have some form of Pokedex cut, especially considering that with new Pokemon on the way, the total number of critters could get very close to a thousand. Like Pokemon Sword and Shield, an expansion could include a few new and many returning Pokemon for players to catch, and it might even include a return to Kalos, something many of which are rumored to be how Gen 9’s region was inspired by Spain. and Portugal. A DLC for the new games could also be a completely new endgame experience that builds on Gen 9’s open-world mechanics.

Recently, Khu has also teased a time travel plot for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that would seemingly work the same way as the relationship between the main characters in a movie called The Lake House. All in all, for Khu to rank Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so highly and for the games to have interesting new concepts, it’s possible that the world in Gen 9 will be quite large and the gameplay compelling enough to warrant the release of a DLC. package that is more than just some bugs returning.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Twitter

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