Pokemon Fan Spots Fireworks With Suspiciously Familiar Names

A fan of the Pokemon franchise discovers a handful of July 4th fireworks with names reminiscent of old Pokemon game titles.

Fourth of July in the United States of America is a day for partying, grilling and fireworks too. A pokemon fan discovered a collection of fireworks with names suspiciously similar to the titles of several Pokemon games.

Pokemon fan and Redditor Mr Chicken shared his discovery on the unofficial Pokemon fan community page. He discovered four fountains made and sold by Black Cat, a popular fireworks manufacturer.

The four fireworks tubes each shared names with different Pokemon generations from the past. The largest, called ‘Gold & Silver Treasures’, was the most obvious, but Mr. Chicken also found another called ‘Diamonds & Pearl’. The latter two were a little less direct in their connection to Pokemon games, with “Sapphire & Gold” borrowing titles from two different Pokemon generations, and the last being “Rubies & Emeralds”. While Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Emerald both came out in the same generation, Emerald was the ultimate third title in the series, while Pokemon Sapphire launched simultaneously with Ruby.

Black Cat has been producing fireworks for over 50 years and has a huge range of different products for sale on its website, from firecrackers and Roman candles to rockets and other aerial fireworks. However, the fireworks are not licensed by Nintendo or any other major franchise. In fact, the fountains Mr Chicken found are usually packed with other fountains unrelated to Pokemon games, including “Blue Ice,” “Green Garden,” “Peach Tree,” and “Turquoise & Silver.”

This means it’s probably a coincidence that Mr Chicken found the Black Cat fountains with names that are completely similar to Pokemon. The gems and metals that Pokemon names many of its games after are often linked together in pop culture. While it’s possible that Black Cat did this intentionally to get the attention of Pokemon fans, it’s more likely that the fireworks company simply came to the same conclusions as Pokemon individually.

Pokemon is currently working on Scarlet and Violet, the next two entries in the long-running series. These games introduce a whole new generation of Pokemon to the universe and offer an open world reminiscent of recent games like Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Black Cat does not currently sell fireworks with the words scarlet or violet in them. If the fireworks company makes a new product that it does after Pokemon Scarlet and Violet come out, maybe it will prove that Mr Chicken is always up to something.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release on November 18 for Switch.

Source: Reddit/22578954abc, Black Cat Fireworks

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