Pokemon Fan Makes Incredible Modular Origami Lotad Figure

Water type pokemon are one of the many types of pocket monsters found in the Pokemon series. Traditionally, this aquatic themed type has been included as one of the entry-level Pokemon in new generations of games. In addition to notable starters like Squirtle and the upcoming Quaxly, a number of other intriguing water-type Pokemon have been featured in the series. Among the water-themed Pokemon, Lotad is a creature with a particularly unique design.

Lotad, first introduced in Gen 3, is a dual-type Water/Grass Pokemon with an unusual design. It has a blue body and a bird-like bill. In addition to these design features, it has a giant leaf-like object on its back, which allows it to float in the water. In the games, this Pokemon can evolve into Lombre. Through the generations of the franchise, Lotad has made a number of appearances and has become popular with some fans.

Recently, a gamer known as yourfavoritebovine shared a unique artwork based on the Pokemon series. Specifically, this artwork starred the Water/Grass type Pokemon known as Lotad. However, this was no ordinary Pokemon fan art. Instead, this Lotad creation stood out because it revealed what the pocket monster looked like as a modular origami figure.

In a short video shared by yourfavoritebovine, the modular origami figure was placed on a platform that slowly rotated, viewing the entire design. Taking advantage of the greater detail that modular origami offered compared to regular origami, this Lotad creation incorporated many of the Pokemon’s classic elements. For example, it had a blue color and a yellow bill. In addition, the artist managed to recreate the appearance of the Pokemon’s most iconic feature, the large leaf on its back.

This unique modular origami art featuring Lotad has caught the attention of a number of gamers on the Pokemon subreddit. In recent days, the post has received hundreds of votes, with several fans taking the time to compliment the artist on the project. Among the comments, one fan said the artwork looked so good they thought it was a 3D printed object. In addition, one gamer commented that they never knew that Lotad had six legs until they saw this modular origami figure of the creature.

While this artwork featuring Lotad may be hard to match, it’s far from the only creation showcased by talented gamers. For the past few weeks, Reddit has been full of posts featuring impressive Pokemon fan art. For example, a gamer recently recreated the original Kanto starters from LEGO bricks, with the results nothing short of incredible. Time will tell what Pokemon artistic fans like your favorite bovine can craft in the coming days. One thing is for sure, with about 900 pocket monsters in the franchise, the list of options is long.

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