Play Stray like a dragon with this Spyro mod

You can now be so many different creatures in Stray that playing if the ginger cat on the cover feels somehow unambitious. Why play as someone else’s pet when you can place your own furball? (opens in new tab) in the game and have them yell “Jason” instead of meowing? (opens in new tab)

Why would you even play like a cat? What if you were instead hopping through Stray’s cyberpunk town as something that’s something bigger, way bigger, and of roughly similar cuteness? For example, literally say Spyro the Dragon? (opens in new tab)

A modder named MrMarco1003 answered this question by taking Spyro’s model out of his traditional house (games with Spyro in the title) and dropping him directly into Stray. The results are surprisingly impressive. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear Spyro’s cartoonish aesthetic and four-legged frame was designed for Stray from the start. The animations transition from Stray’s feline frontman to Spyro without missing a beat, and Spyro’s purple scales somehow transition into Stray’s universe almost as seamlessly as the default protagonist’s orange fur.

Modifying Spyro in games without Spyro in it seems to be a life calling of MrMarco1003. They also made mods that export the character to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and, well, Resident Evil 3, where he becomes a rocket launcher (opens in new tab). Of course, they also developed a mod that replaces RE3’s Nemesis with Shrek (opens in new tab)so who am I to question the whims of a genius?

We loved Stray at PCG and gave it 82% (opens in new tab) and noting that “playing a cat never ceases to be a pleasure” throughout the experience. Others seem to agree and have since turned it into a hotbed for all sorts of funny and bizarre modding experiments. At the pace they’re going, it’s only a matter of time before people forget that Stray once had a cat.

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