Overwatch Contenders game grinds to a halt after both teams refuse to play

When Ex Oblivione and 01_Esports took the stage for the Overwatch Contenders European Summer Series on July 28, no one could have predicted what would happen. As the two teams raced to the capture point of Nepal, the commentators were excited and ready to talk during a heated match. Only nothing happened, as the two teams refused to play in protest at a poor administrative decision made earlier in the day.

The trouble started when 01_Esports went up against Munich Esports, both sides assuming the match was the first to four wins, a best-of-seven. Munich Esports went on to win three consecutive wins, before 01_Esports took the next two cards and made it 3-2. Suddenly, the match was halted as tournament officials declared it had to be a best of five, leaving the win to Munich Esports.

Understandably, the move didn’t sit well with the community. 01_Esports member Timber “tap top” Rensen tweeted a screenshot of a Discord conversation between Munich Esports player Jacob “Keep” Bronder and a tournament organizer. The organizer twice confirmed that the match between the two teams would be a best of seven. While the tournament website now lists the games as a best of five, Wayback Machine (opens in new tab) and a screenshot (opens in new tab) faucet cap shows it was originally listed as the best of seven.

Evidence https://t.co/2Q7r1SH8bh pic.twitter.com/Ync44PSgBOJuly 28, 2022

With 01_Esports kicked down the loser trap and facing Ex Oblivione, the two teams banded together to protest the decision made. They move to the side of the capture point and line up as the two Torbjorns get into a fun little slap fight. The protest only lasts about two minutes before being taken out of power, but it’s kinda funny to watch the commentators go out of their way to whip up 10 players who are clearly not playing the target. They try to scream excitedly through the Torbjorn fistfight and a purposefully pathetic Orisa 1v1 before pausing the game and removing it from the stream.

After the match, Ex Oblivione took to Twitter to release a statement (opens in new tab) about the situation. “Ex Oblivione, along with many others in the Contenders scene, are distraught over the decision made for the match between 01_Esports and Munich Esports and the issues that arose after multiple mistakes at the end of Blizzard,” it read.

“We believe this combined with a general lack of communication has compromised the competitive integrity of this tournament. We hereby decline to continue our series until the issues are resolved. We apologize to all viewers watching the matches and hope you understand.” Ex Oblivione player Esteban “Helv” Fernandez too shared screenshots (opens in new tab) from the game itself, where a tournament organizer threatened to disqualify both teams if they refused to play.

Now Overwatch Contenders officials are letting 01_Esports and Munich Esports wrap up their last two games on July 29. It continues with the previous day’s games, with Munich taking the lead 3-2 and having the next card pick.

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