Nvidia Cancels Production of The Six-Month Old RTX 3080 12 GB

Nvidia is marching ahead and preparing its upcoming Ada Lovelace range, but in the meantime it may be bidding farewell to a more recent Ampere GPU.

The next generation of graphics cards is getting closer, and the like Nvidia and AMD are gearing up to launch their next graphics offering in the coming months. That is not to say that the current generation of hardware will no longer be available. In fact, Intel has yet to fully release its Arc Desktop GPUs, and there will still be plenty of opportunities to purchase Ampere or RDNA 2 products, with the necessities obviously being good. However, there is a chance that Team Green will end production of one of the 30 series cards before Ada Lovelace is released.

That’s according to a rumor from Twitter user MEGAsizeGPU, as noted by numerous other sources. The tweet is in response to someone who was happy to receive an Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB, a card that came out in January. MEGAsizeGPU says I_Leak_VN was lucky enough to get its hands on this GPU, as the company has reportedly discontinued production of this, and only this, piece of hardware.

The reason behind the discontinuation, it is rumored, is that with graphics card prices drastically falling, the 3080 now costs 12GB the same as the 3080 Ti, with the latter offering more performance than the former. It should be noted that what is being said on Twitter is just a rumor, and there is no official statement from team green as to whether the 12GB variant of this Ampere card is no longer being produced.

Nvidia also announced the RTX 3080 12GB a few months ago, with the GPU coming out in January. It may seem odd that the company is willing to stop making the 40 series coming out but seemingly continues to produce other hardware in the Ampere range. But if what MEGAsizeGPU is true then it would make sense to pull a product off sale that is the same price as an arguably superior model. Hopefully Nvidia will say something about this someday.

It wouldn’t be too surprising if these tech giants gave way to the next generation. As AMD prepares its RDNA 3 cards, and Nvidia in hopes of launching Lovelace in September, there is a possibility that older hardware may be left behind. However, that doesn’t mean that the current generation of GPUs will suddenly disappear. There will be plenty of people wanting an Ampere or RDNA 2, or even Arc, graphics card, as the next hardware era will more than likely be quite expensive when it comes out.

Source: PCGamer

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