Marvel’s Avengers Leaks Battle Damaged Iron Man Suit From Endgame

Marvel’s Avengers hasn’t run out of MCU suits in recent months. Based on a recent leak, this trend is set to continue as fans of Marvel’s Avengers will soon be able to wear a new variant of Iron Man’s Avengers: Endgame armor.

Iron Man’s Endgame suit, also known as Mark 85, is already available in Marvel’s Avengers. However, this new version will be picked from the end of the movie’s great battle. With Avengers: Endgame being one of the most successful movies ever made, it makes perfect sense to keep pulling out costumes from it, and Crystal Dynamics has gone to great lengths to make sure this variant of the Mark 85 looks significantly different from the one that is currently on the market.

Fans of the MCU will no doubt remember Tony Stark’s sacrifice and the snap he used to defeat Thanos’ army, and this version of Iron Man’s Endgame armor pays tribute to that scene. The leaked image of this cosmetic was provided by Reddit user SlightStardust, and like other leaked costumes in Marvel’s Avengers, players can see what it will look like in-game. Like when he snaps his fingers in the movie, Iron Man’s helmet is off, and players can see Tony Stark’s face – although that’s not the only interesting thing about this leaked suit.

In addition to some combat damage on the breastplate of Iron Man’s Mark 85 armor, fans will soon notice that he has the Infinity Stones in his gauntlet. This is a great detail, and while players will clearly not have the power of the bricks when this suit is outfitted, being able to see them constantly on Iron Man’s hand should be very satisfying. The colored veins pulsing through Iron Man’s arms are another great touch, as they appear when he first gets hold of the stones.

In the comments, many fans were quick to praise this skin for its accuracy for the film, although some players added that they wished the costumes weren’t purely cosmetic so that the Infinity Gauntlet could be used in-game. A good point was also made by Blitz814, with the player sharing the hope that Crystal Dynamics would consider going back through the comic book-inspired skins and passing them one more time to make them more accurate. They cite Black Widow’s Fear Itself suit and Kate Bishop’s Young Avenger suit as examples that could be much better.

Anyway, this MCU-inspired Marvel’s Avengers costume seems to be a big hit with the gaming community. When it will actually be added to the market is a mystery, however, as an outfit based on Thor: Love and Thunder has only just been added to the lineup of skins.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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