Lost Ark is Getting Witcher 3 DLC

Developer Smilegate announces that Lost Ark is getting a DLC themed around The Witcher 3, starting with the South Korean version.

For an MMORPG that’s been around for nearly three years, lost ark has been fairly consistent in bringing new content to keep its players connected. While the game was just made available to Western players earlier this year, Lost Ark has been a huge hit in South Korea since its launch in late 2019. Part of the reason is developer Smilegate’s eagerness to keep the game fresh and fun for new and veteran players alike. Sometimes Smilegate is even willing to go a step further and collaborate with other big names in the game industry, such as The Witcher for example.

At a recently held summer showcase event, Smilegate announced plenty of new updates coming to Lost Ark, most notably the South Korean version of the game, ranging from a new damage class called Aeromancer to special DLC themed around CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher. 3 The collaboration is expected to arrive on the Korean servers in the winter, but it is still unclear whether it will also be available for the Western version.

Unfortunately, Smilegate has not given any details on how Geralt’s presence in Arkesia will take shape. The announcement was very succinct, showing only the Lost Ark logo next to The Witcher 3 logo, though fans are already speculating what the DLC will be. Some thought it would be really cool to see a brand new Witcher-inspired class in Lost Ark, while others had a more realistic expectation of a quest or skins inspired by The Witcher 3.

This won’t be the first time Geralt of Rivia has appeared outside of The Witcher series. Other prominent crossovers include Geralt being a playable character in Monster Hunter: World and Soul Calibur 6, both of which show him wielding his sword and placing his iconic Witcher characters as fans expected. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Lost Ark will also present Geralt in a similar way, as the character is already very recognizable to many players, even those who have never played The Witcher games.

For now, though, one can only hope that the Western version of Lost Ark continues to catch up with its South Korean counterpart. So far, updates to the western version have been quite accurate and analogous to the South Korean version, albeit at a slower pace as the game hasn’t been out that long.

lost ark is available on PC.

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