Intel’s 13th Gen 13700K reaches 6GHz milestone

Overclocking enthusiasts have something to look forward to if this new leak proves to be representative of the headroom of all 13th Gen K Series chips. The leaked screenshot shows a 13700K CPU running at 6GHz across all of its eight performance cores, and it appears to be doing so without the aid of sub-environmental cooling.

The result was sent anonymously to Videocardz. sent (opens in new tab), showing that the CPU scores a whopping 983 points in the CPU-Z single-threaded benchmark. In comparison, my 12900K scores around 820 or slightly more, depending on the memory used. The soon to be replaced AMD 5900X scores around 660.

A second result comes from Twitter, where user @esperonslaie (opens in new tab) shows a 13700K at 5.9GHz with the e-cores and hyperthreading disabled. The system is shown with Cinebench, meaning this isn’t a glory screenshot. The voltage is 1.447v which is high and the temperatures are rising into the 80’s.

Cooling won’t be disclosed, but assuming the 13th gen has most of the features of 12th gen CPUs, we’re looking at high-end water cooling here. The sound in the video suggests that fans are spinning at a high speed.

If Intel’s K CPUs can consistently reach a high 6GHz with standard cooling, then the 13th generation is sure to be a hit with overclocking enthusiasts. The power consumption and efficiency certainly won’t be impressive, but those things don’t matter if you’re after that magical 6GHz figure.

However, questions remain and will not be answered until the retail CPUs are out and in the hands of overclockers. Will retail chips be able to reach these numbers with hyperthreading enabled? Is this a golden example ES? and can an average 360mm AIO keep a K chip cool enough to reliably hit 6GHz? It won’t be long before we have the answers.

The 13th generation of CPUs will be formally launched in the coming months. They’re going to compete against AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series processors (opens in new tab). They’re also rumored to get a significant clock speed boost, though 6GHz may be beyond Zen 4’s capabilities, at least on ambient cooling.

The battle between Intel and AMD is going to be an exciting one. Whether you’re after gaming or content creation, something cool and quiet, or want maximum overclocking, there are sure to be some compelling models from both companies.

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