Hilarious The Last of Us 2 Bug Shows Joel’s Arm Getting Stuck in Opening Scene

An absurd bug in The Last of Us 2 causes Joel’s arm to get stuck to his forehead at the start of the game, making for a really hilarious cutscene.

The last of us 2 is widely regarded as one of the most impressive games ever made from a technical standpoint, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t find bugs. For example, a recent clip from The Last of Us 2 highlights a hilarious visual glitch involving Joel.

This bug occurs during the opening scene of the game, where Joel sings to Ellie and plays guitar. While this is normally a brilliant moment showing the love Joel has for Ellie, the mood is completely ruined by the dumb bug. Throughout the scene, Joel’s forearm is pressed against his head, with the gray survivor looking rather goofy as he walks back and forth in front of Ellie.

The clips in question were provided by Asleep-Individual-15 and they explain that the outage was caused by an earlier sequence that featured Joel on horseback. During this opening, he shields his eyes from the sun, but for some reason his arm gets stuck when he tries to block out the light. Since all the cutscenes in The Last of Us 2 are rendered in real time, the exact same character model for Joel is used, so the bug carries over from the gameplay to the movie. While it’s funny to see him walking around with one arm up, the next part of the scene is even better.

As seen in the second clip, Joel has his hand over his eyes as he goes to play guitar for Ellie. Although he eventually puts it down when the player is tasked with strumming in The Last of Us 2’s guitar mini-game, his hand doesn’t move to play the correct notes. Instead, it rests flat on the side of the guitar and doesn’t move until the song gets off to a good start and the player takes control. Once Joel starts singing, both hands are working properly.

In addition to countless upvotes for each clip, fans of The Last of Us 2 left several memorable comments. Some players joked that it was the brightness of the lamp or that Ellie was the sunshine of Joel’s life that kept him covering his eyes. Others said they were glad this didn’t happen to them on the first playthrough, as it would have ruined the tenderness of the scene. Reddit user leeroycharles made a good point, pointing out how a shadow of Joel’s hand can still be seen on his face, despite it being a glitch.

With gamers playing as Joel again in The Last of Us Part 1, hopefully they have full control over both of his arms. If a bug like this happened during combat, it would be a lot harder to fight Clickers and other enemies.

The last of us 2 is now available on PS4.

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