Genshin Impact Chart Breaks Down All New Dendro Elemental Reactions

A Genshin Impact fan shares an interesting chart that can help players better understand Dendro’s upcoming elemental reactions.

Genshin impactThe combat system is based on combining different elemental reactions to achieve the highest damage rates. Aside from the Traveler, each character in the playable roster has the ability to control only one element.

After months of speculation, players finally have the option to add a new type of element to their squad composition. The official livestream event for Genshin Impact Update 2.8 has officially confirmed that the new major region of Sumeru should arrive in one of the upcoming updates, most likely right after 2.8 ends.

The addition of the new Dendro element will introduce plenty of new elemental reactions and many players seemed to be confused by the new mechanics. Fortunately, Reddit user Trass84 shared a very useful chart that shows all the new elemental comments that can be triggered. Trass84 has listed all of Dendro’s new elemental reactions, along with their descriptions:

  • Burn (Dendro/Pyro) – This elemental reaction is already in play and causes a small DoT effect in the area it affects.
  • Bloom (Dendro/Hydro) – New elemental reaction that causes Bloom Seeds to fall to the ground, and they react differently when touched by another element.
  • Spead (Bloom Seed/Electro) – Applying Electro to the Bloom Seed will deal damage to one target to the enemy hit by the elements.
  • Burgeon (Bloom Seed/Pyro) – Applying Pyro to the Seed causes a small explosion that deals Pyro damage around the seed.
  • Hyper Bloom (Bloom Seed/Hydro) – At the moment there is no information about what happens during this elemental reaction.
  • Catalyze (Dendro/Electro) – Activating this elemental reaction increases damage to the enemy.
  • Quicken (Catalyze/Pyro) – Applying Pyro to Catalyze will activate this elemental reaction, but there is still no information about its effects.

The chart also shows that while Dendro doesn’t interact directly with Geo, there’s a good chance it will activate Crystalize shields. When it comes to the Anemo element, players expect Swirl to interact with the Bloom Seeds. Since many of Dendro’s elemental reactions are based on the Bloom Seeds, players will most likely need to add a Hydro character to take full advantage of the Dendro characters.

Players are excited about the addition of the new element as it has the potential to completely change the current Genshin Impact battle system. Developer HoYoverse has yet to release more details about the exact multiplication numbers that will be associated with the new elemental reactions. According to HoYoverse’s usual update schedule, the new region and element should arrive at the end of August.

When it comes to the first Dendro characters in Genshin Impact, the game’s official social media accounts have already confirmed the arrival of two Dendro users: Tighnari and Collei. Tighnari will apparently be the update’s only five-star character, meaning players can expect a double iteration in the second update.

Genshin impact is now available for mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is currently in development.

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