Funny Overwatch Clip Shows Zenyatta Being Killed By ‘Helicopter’ Reaper

Over the years, overwatch has become known for its large selection of characters. While these heroes are divided into three roles: damage, support, and tank, that doesn’t mean that every hero in a particular category plays the same. For example, Reaper is a character from the Damage class, but he has some abilities that make him stand out.

Many fans know Reaper because he is one of the original characters seen in Overwatch. As mentioned above, he is a Damage hero with unique abilities. In particular, Reaper excels at close quarters combat thanks to the Hellfire Shotguns he double wields. However, his Ultimate, Death Blossom, is just as iconic and deadly.

In a post on Reddit, a user known as VanarchistCoobook shared a video of a recent Overwatch game. In the highlight, the player revealed how powerful the Death Blossom Ultimate could be for Reaper. The action took place on Junkertown, an Escort map, as the cargo approached the first checkpoint. As the attacking team tried to push the target to the point, Reaper decided to use his Death Blossom in an attempt to turn the tide of the battle. What happened next was both unexpected and extremely fortunate for the DPS player.

Just as Reaper unleashed his Ultimate, the opponent Roadhog responded with their Whole Hog ability. Impressively, the recoil from the tank’s shrapnel was enough to keep Reaper in the air. In fact, the power of the Whole Hog Ultimate eventually sent him over an unsuspecting Zenyatta, who was then killed by the Death Blossom. While many gamers have died unexpectedly at the hands of Reaper, it’s likely that very few have been eliminated the way this hapless Zenyatta was. Additionally, the unusual circumstance in this Overwatch game led VanarchistCookbook to describe Reaper as an “attack helicopter.”

It should come as no surprise that this funny Overwatch clip featuring Reaper and Zenyatta caught the attention of countless gamers on Reddit. Impressively, this highlight has already garnered over 2,500 votes in just a few days. Among the comments, many talked about Death Blossom’s reach, as some didn’t know it was reaching until now. According to one Reddit user, the Ultimate damages players inside a sphere roughly the size of a Winston Bubble Shield.

It will be interesting to see what other plays are made in the coming weeks with Reaper and his Death Blossom. While fans will no doubt continue to play as the character in the original Overwatch, another Overwatch 2 beta is underway, meaning gamers will have a chance to continue testing the character’s kit in the upcoming sequel. Regardless of which game highlights come next, they are likely to be memorable.

overwatch is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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