Elden Ring Fan Spots Hidden Reference To George R.R. Martin

Despite its release a few months ago, Elden Ring fans continue to stumble upon secrets previously undiscovered. For example, an Elden Ring player recently spotted what appears to be an intentional reference to George RR Martin, the author of A Song of Ice and Fire and a key contributor to the game.

George RR Martin wrote a significant portion of the knowledge players discover in the Lands Between, and with that knowledge in mind, fans have pointed out a few things that seem like a tribute to the author. For example, while Martin has denied going out of his way to create characters that share his initials, it’s intriguing that so many key characters have G, R, and M names. Perhaps another writer for the game did this to honor Martin, just as Gideon Ofnir’s dialogue options seem to do.

When Elden Ring fans chat with Gideon Ofnir during the Roundtable Hold, they can learn about some of the bosses they’ll be fighting along their journey. Gideon proves his title of The Omniscient by telling gamers all about Godrick, Radahn, Rykard, Morgott and Rennala. While the tales of gravity wielders and giant snakes are entertaining, fans can seemingly notice a tribute to George RR Martin by checking the first letter of each name.

As noted by Reddit user LuckyLuckLucker, it’s hard to imagine this order being a coincidence. It seems like the names are intentionally placed so that they spell “GRRM” when gamers go straight down, as this is not the order in which players usually fight the bosses. Rykard is a late game threat, and most Elden Ring fans head towards Rennala before taking on the challenging battle with Radahn. While it could just be coincidence or a case of pareidolia, it wouldn’t be shocking if it was intentional.

Since it was posted, this Elden Ring discovery has garnered over 7,700 votes, and many believe it is indeed a tribute to George RR Martin. Others joked about the extra R not circling the player, such as limitofthink saying it stands for “recognizing I’ll never finish The Winds of Winter.” While fans will probably never learn if these names were ordered this way on purpose, the discussion surrounding the image was fun.

It will be interesting to see if George RR Martin ever works on another video game, or if he will work with FromSoftware again in the future. Given the success of Elden Ring, many gamers would probably be on board with his involvement in another playable project – although fans of his novels would probably prefer it if he finished The Winds of Winter.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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