Dungeons and Dragons Fan Makes Impressive Mighty Nein Wood Burning Art

A fan of Dungeons and Dragons pays a pyrographic tribute to the adventurous celebration of the Mighty Nein-Critical Role from season two.

Dungeons and Dragons has become extremely popular in recent years, in no small part due to the influence of real play streams such as Critical Role. A Dungeons and Dragons fan shared a wood-fired design he made from one of Critical Role’s adventure parties.

The woodburning was done and posted to the r/DnD by Oliver, known as I’m hereforthewearp on Reddit. The design itself is a replica of one of the official portraits of the Mighty Nein of Critical Role fame.

The Mighty Nein was the name of the cast of characters from Critical Role’s second campaign. The piece reproduced by Oliver was the second of three portraits of the adventurous troupe, all originally designed by Ariana Orner. The piece shows the characters with upgraded armor and items acquired during their early adventures.

The pyrography piece was burned, stained and sealed in 25 hours over the course of a week. The three-by-two-foot piece is sealed with beeswax oil and is the largest work of art Oliver has ever created. He also shared a progress montage of him working on the masterpiece, which was also posted to Reddit.

Oliver’s fellow Dungeons and Dragons and Critical Role fans were quick to compliment him on his great work. Pyrography is an unusual art form, so it’s a special treat for gamers when their fans explore the medium, as one Skyrim fan recently did. While Critical Role has grown in popularity over the years, the Mighty Nein’s journeys have been especially loved by fans for many reasons, most notably for its interesting and dynamic characters with a strong LGBTQ+ representation.

The success of Critical Role has contributed greatly to the success of Dungeons and Dragons in recent years. Wizards of the Coast teamed up with Critical Role to release the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount and Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep – two official D&D sourcebooks set in Exandria, the world of Critical Role. In addition, Critical Role publisher Darrington Press recently launched Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, a third-party resourcebook for Dungeons and Dragons.

While no other official collaborations between Critical Role and Dungeons and Dragons have been announced yet, more are sure to come. Critical Role has so far run more than two dozen episodes of its third campaign, featuring the adventure party Bells Hells. There is no doubt that if Oliver makes a pyrographic tribute to them, it will be of exceptional quality.

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