Dino Crisis Looks Amazing in Unreal Engine 5

A fan remake of Dino Crisis in Unreal Engine 5 will likely have fans wishing the classic horror action game would get a new entry.

Jurassic Park was one of the first movies to make dinosaurs a truly terrifying presence. Along the same lines of thinking, Capcom’s survival horror game Dino Crisis also created a terrifying atmosphere using the prehistoric beasts. Players take on the role of Regina, a special operations agent tasked with uncovering the secrets behind a research center on an island overrun with dinosaurs. The original Dino Crisis proved to be a popular title with players and saw two sequels upon its release in 1999.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any new entries in the Dino Crisis franchise since those sequels launched, and it looks like Capcom is really happy to let the series solidify. There were some rumors of a return of Dino Crisis when Capcom unveiled Exoprimal, a game that also features dinosaurs, but the publisher has since confirmed that Exoprimal is in no way affiliated with Dino Crisis, which disappointed fans of the classic PS1 title. However, one fan was unhappy with letting the franchise rest, as they did a Dino Crisis remake in Unreal Engine 5.

The Dino Crisis remake, seen on YouTube by TeaserPlay, begins with a Tyrannosaurus Rex approaching Regina. With the sun’s rays already reflecting from Regina’s point of view and the character models being used, Dino Crisis fans can easily see the graphics upgrade that Unreal Engine 5 offers. The short trailer then shows what appears to be a research facility, with Regina taking on a bird of prey. The darkness seen in the newly generated environment seems to be the perfect horror environment, bringing Dino Crisis back to its scary roots.

As with other Unreal Engine 5 remake trailers, there are plenty of photos that show a graphically impressive environment before showing off some new dinosaur models again. The T-Rex and Raptor models take precedence in this fan-made trailer of Dino Crisis, as they appear in every environment from the jungle to the more temperate forests. This isn’t the first time a fan has shown what part of Dino Crisis could look like in Unreal Engine 5. Previously, a player showed off a new model for Regina that would fit into a remake of the classic game.

Other classic titles have also been recreated in Unreal Engine 5, such as a great version of Fallout: New Vegas and a recreation of Grand Theft Auto 3. While most of these fan creations will probably never be fully available to play, for Dino players Crisis, it’s more likely that a fan-made next-gen experience will become available rather than an official new entry in the franchise, given Capcom’s stance on it.

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