Counter-Strike’s famous Door Stuck video has been hijacked by copyright fraud

One of the most famous Counter-Strike videos of all time has been struck by YouTube’s inevitable bogeyman: Someone’s copyrighted it who it doesn’t own. The 35-second video has been a perennial joke on the CS scene since it was uploaded in 2007, and there’s even a spray in CS:GO dedicated to it.

In the clip, a knife-wielding player trolls their teammate – who raps Snoop Dogg and Pharrell’s Drop It Like It’s Hot into voice chat via a very grainy microphone from 2007. As he follows the other player and swings his knife, original uploader Kinetik001 lets them down get stuck in a door. They completely lose their minds and start yelling a lot, just yelling “Door is stuck!” because all logic, reason and possibility fail them and they result in extremely 2007 era FPS insults. Both are then killed by the enemy team, but not before the dude puts a kill in the door pockets.

“Yo, I’m adding this guy to friends,” says the last voice in the chat.

However, after nearly 24 million views, the video has been hijacked by someone claiming the audio copyright to it. Bob Tik apparently says that Door Stuck’s game audio is their own original music.

Polite, in his statement (opens in new tab) KinetiK001 says the plaintiff is a copyright troll. In my opinion, this is basically just someone who engages in widespread copyright fraud: another YouTuber by the name of 3kliksphilip has identified (opens in new tab) that this is a serial violation for that account.

It’s really nothing new at this point, just another example of how dishonest people and automated systems have turned YouTube into a horror show of copyright claims and stolen monetization videos.

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