Blizzard Entertainment Intends to Acquire Spellbreak Developer Proletariat

A day after confirming that Spellbreak is shutting down, new reports indicate Blizzard Entertainment plans to shut down Proletariat, Inc.

Updated 6/29. It was a 24-hour roller coaster ride for the Boston, Massachusetts-based development studio known as Proletariat, Inc. After four years, the studios’ magic-based battle royale title Spellbreak is being discontinued. The studio gave no reasons as to why their online game would end in early 2023, although many have speculated that it was no longer cost-effective to keep the servers running for a small population of players.

As disappointing as the news was for fans, many began to wonder what the next step was for the studio. While players have the rest of the year to indulge in magic-based combat, they probably expected to receive an answer as to what’s next for the Proletariat no less than 24 hours later. It turns out that the studio is joining one of the largest studios in the world thanks to a surprise announcement that broke early this morning.

While it hasn’t been officially announced by Blizzard or Proletariat yet, GamesBeat writer Dean Takahashi reveals that the two studios appear to be joining forces. According to the news, Blizzard Entertainment is planning to acquire Proletariat for an undisclosed amount. The deal itself will likely be the largest acquisition Blizzard has made in at least 10 years, with the last outside studio added, Swinging Ape in 2005. Vicarious VIsions, an in-house Activision studio, merged into Blizzard to help work on the Diablo franchise a few years ago, but that worked out well after Activision and Blizzard merged.

Since the news was announced earlier, Blizzard President Mike Ybarra has issued a statement on the news:

We put players at the forefront of everything we do, and we work hard to both meet and exceed their expectations. A critical part of taking care of players is taking care of our teams – making sure we have the resources to create experiences our communities will love, while giving our teams the space to explore even more creative possibilities within their projects. explore. Proletariat will be a perfect fit to support Blizzard’s mission to bring quality content to our players more often.

The move may not come as much of a surprise to some fans, as Proletariat has been helping Blizzard since May. However, now that Proletariat appears to be officially joining Blizzard, the 100-strong team will be added to the World of Warcraft side of things. With the expanded staff, Blizzard hopes the quality and timing goals for upcoming expansions will be easier to achieve, reducing the time between content updates to keep players engaged.

The Proletariat team will likely be busy as the ninth expansion of World of Warcraft launches sometime later this year. Dragonflight, announced earlier this year, not only gives players new story content to play through, a new continent to explore, as well as rideable dragons, it also adds a brand new playable race and class. As expected, the Dracthyr is a dragon-based humanoid, capable of morphing between a human or draconian form during combat. In addition, the Evoker class appears to be a hybrid class capable of using destructive dragon-based magic as well as supporting spells to aid allies.

Source: GamesBeat

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